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Personal Injury Claims

Why can you make a personal injury claim? The duty of care

At common law, a person owes a duty of care to anyone who might foreseeably be affected by their actions or conduct. The idea was first introduced in this country by the land mark case of Donoghue –v- Stevenson in 1932 when one lady became violently ill when she saw that there was a partially decomposed snail the bottom of the bottle of a drink she had purchased. She had nearly finished the bottle!

The law in relation to the tortious duty of care has since been refined in further court cases to a three-part test:

Who do I owe a duty of care to?

  • Harm must be a "reasonably foreseeable" result of the defendant's conduct;
  • A relationship of "proximity" between the defendant and the claimant must exist;
  • It must be "fair, just and reasonable" to impose liability.

In addition to common law duties that arise, Parliament has imposed lots of statutory duties of care to protect people in certain situations. If you are a shop owner, the Occupiers Liability Act imposes upon you certain duties of care you must extend to people visiting your shop.

Why make a personal injury claim?

Making a personal injury claim can help cover the costs that inevitably mount up as a consequence of your injury. From missing work to paying for care, personal injuries can be expensive.

Making a personal injury claim can also give people a sense that justice has been done. People who have found themselves angry at their situation have been able to develop a sense of closure when a claim is made that otherwise isn't available.

Some people are also motivated to make a claim because they know that other people could be saved from suffering a similar fate in the future - for example, their employer might introduce new safety measure in the workplace.

Breach of the duty of care and how that leads to making a claim

Once it’s established that a duty of care exists the following has to occur in order for there to be a claim.

  • A duty of care has to exist;
  • A person has to have acted in breach of that duty of care;
  • Harm or loss has to have been caused as a direct result of that breach.

When that happens, you have a claim. When that happens, you need to call the personal injury solicitors to act on your behalf.

Personal injury solicitors at Accident Injury

There are plenty of personal injury solicitors out there, but do they have the experience necessary to handle your case?

Let Accident Injury handle your personal injury claim and you can be confident of receiving an exceptional service without any fees whether you win or lose.

If we handle your case we can also provide you with a non refundable advance, which really makes a difference when you're trying to cope with the financial strains caused by your injury.

Making A Personal Injury Claim

Accident Injury understands that making a personal injury claim isn't how you want to spend your free time, so we've made it as quick and easy as possible for you to start a claim.

There are two options: give us a ring on 0800 085 3627 (you still don't pay a penny) or fill out our claim form letting us know when's best to get back to you.

You take care of the first step, and we'll take care of everything else to get you your compensation as soon as possible.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury and you were not at fault, then you have the right to claim for compensation. You've more than likely already been affected financially and emotionally by your injuries.

If the injury wasn’t your fault and was caused by someone else, it is your right to make a personal injury claim against the organisation or party that is at fault. We ensure that you receive 100% of the compensation that you deserve. We work fast and professionally as we know that you maybe be experiencing serious financial issues which can cause a lot of further stress that you just do not need.

We specialise in all types of injury claims, the most common of the injuries are:

If you know you have sustained an injury as a direct result from an accident that was not your fault, then it’s likely you can make a compensation claim. Our experienced solicitors are highly trained and will work to get you the compensation you deserve on a No Win No Fee basis. So call us FREE on 0800 085 3627 or fill in our online personal injury claim form adjacent and we will call you back.