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Brain Injury Claims

Brain injuries

The brain is one of the body's most vital organs. The brain processes our five senses, allows us to remember events in the past and helps us make plans for the future.

Pretty much everything we do is made possible by our brain, so it's no wonder that brain injuries that cause problems with our speech, senses and memory are very serious.

Brain injuries can also cause a loss of co-ordination and bladder control, relentless headaches, seizures and much more.

Friends and family of people that suffer from brain injuries will also find these problems deeply distressing. As well as having to provide extra care, they may have to come to terms with the fact that complete recovery may never be possible and their personality may be changed forever.

What causes brain injuries?

When our head is subjected to extreme force the skull designed to protect our brain is just not strong enough to protect us from the impact and we may suffer a brain injury.

Brain injuries are sometimes caused by accidents at work - by falling objects for example. It is an employer's responsibility to ensure you are protected at work by providing the necessary personal protective equipment.

Brain injuries may also be caused by medical negligence: for example, if a patient isn't given oxygen when they need it brain damage can occur. Babies that have not had the time to develop their skulls may be at particular risk of a brain injury in cases of obstetric negligence.

There are many other causes of brain injuries including road traffic accidents. If the injury sustained was someone else's fault you may be entitled to make a brain injury claim.

Typical amounts for brain injury claims

For the mildest of brain injuries that cause temporary headaches with a full recovery, usually compensation amounts are in the region of £2,000-£8,000.

On the other end of the scale the most serious brain injuries that cause communication problems and life-long disabilities may be upwards of £200,000.

Brain injuries will affect everybody differently, so it's impossible to estimate how much compensation you could be entitled to without knowing the details of your injury.

For confidential advice about how much you could expect from a compensation claim get in touch with us today free on 0800 085 3627 or fill in the online claim form.

How to make a brain injury compensation claim

Brain injuries can be very traumatic both for the sufferer and the family. While nobody doubts that the money that brain injury compensation can provide, it is vital for ensuring the best quality of life possible, making a claim is the last thing you want to do when there are so many other pressing matters.

We understand this and we do everything we can to make sure the process is as straightforward as possible for you, leaving you to focus on the more important things in life.

Whether making a claim for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, you can be confident that we will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

For further information without any obligation to go any further call us free on 0800 085 3627, or fill in our brain injury claim form and let us know when it would be best to get back to you.