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Hand Injury Claims / Hand Injury Compensation

Hand injuries are quite common, accounting for approximately 10% of all A&E admissions. Whilst many people suffer relatively minor hand injuries, from which a full recovery is made, others are not so fortunate. With so many intricate bones and a complex network of nerves and tendons, it is all too easy for a hand injury to lead to permanent loss of movement, and/or feeling.

Losing the full use of your hand can have a devastating impact on your quality of life. The simplest of things, such as pouring a drink or getting dressed, become a big struggle. It can be extremely difficult to adjust to the loss of independence.

Common Causes of Hand Injuries

The most common cause of hand injuries is workplace accidents, many of which are due to employer negligence. Such incidents are often the result of health and safety procedures being ignored, or failure on the employer's part to ensure that members of staff receive appropriate training.

Other times a hand injury can be caused by the negligence of a colleague, whether it's a floor not being adequately cleaned after a spillage, boxes being piled up where they aren't supposed to be or failure to report faulty equipment. There are all manner of incidents that can occur through negligence, which lead to all types of hand injuries including cuts, fractures, nerve and tendon damage and even amputations.

Other common causes of hand injuries include road traffic accidents, slip/trip/fall incidences in public places and criminal activity. If you have suffered a hand injury because of someone else's negligence, then you are entitled to make a hand injury claim for compensation.

Typical Hand Injury Compensation Figures

The amount of hand injury compensation that you are entitled to, will be largely down to the extent of your injuries. The following guideline figures serve as estimates:

  • Fractured finger - up to £1750.00
  • Dislocated thumb - up to £3000.00
  • Loss of little finger - up to £6000.00
  • Serious injury to ring or middle finger - up to £7750.00
  • Loss if index finger - up to £9000.00
  • Loss of thumb - up to £18000.00

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