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Back Injury Claims / Back Injury Compensation

Have you had an accident that wasn't your fault and suffered a back injury? Our team of experts can help you make a claim for compensation.

In terms of back injury claims, the back is referred to areas including your lower mid spine the upper part of your spine and muscles.

Discussing Your Back Injury Claim?

Our team will discuss with you where your injury occurred and the nature of the damage. There are four main areas back injury where customers seek Back Injury Compensation and these include:

  • Accident At Work Back injuries - One of the most common causes of back injury claims is from heavy lifting at work.
  • Medical Negligence Back injuries - If you've had to undergo an operation on your spine these procedures are very technical and if not carried out correctly can result in severe injuries post operation.
  • Other Types of Personal Injury Claim - Perhaps you've suffered slip and trip accidents, sporting accidents, criminal injury compensation claims, industrial disease claims, animal accidents and even some accidents abroad.
  • Car accident back injury claims - Whiplash can also affect the cervical spine which can be injured during the accident. For more information about Whiplash look at our specific section to see if you qualify for compensation.

How Much Is A Typical Back Injury Compensation Claim?

Our team have handled many cases like yours and so we are able to quickly assess the levels of compensation you might be entitled too if you decide to make a claim.

  • Least Severe Back Injury Compensation Claims - Perhaps you've suffered a back strain or muscle injury lasting for more than a few weeks, but for which you have no further symptoms of pain after two years you can expect: £1,000 - £5,000
  • Minor Back Injury - Any back injury which involves you suffering a strain, muscle injury or a prolapsed disc (where surgery is not necessary) with pain symptoms lasting between two and five years: £5, 000 - £8, 000
  • Moderate Back Injury - If you've suffered from prolapsed discs requiring surgery to remove part of a spinal vertebra (this operation is known as a laminectomy), spinal fusion, acceleration of degeneration of your spine (effectively as though your spine has aged prematurely) and crush fractures of the spine: £8,000 - £25,000
  • Serious back injury - If as a result of your injury you've suffered paralysis, sexual difficulties, problems with functioning of your organs (such as bowel and bladder problems): £25,000 - £110,000

Making A Claim For A Back Injury

Call our experts today for FREE on 0800 085 3627 or complete our back injury claim form online and we will call you! Remember, your claim is a no win no fee service so you won't have to pay anything if you lose. If you do win, the costs are from the other party, so you still won't have to pay any fees.