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Compensation Claims

We will not ask you for a single penny up front, nor will we take any of your compensation at the end of your case - you keep 100% of it! Call us now on 0800 085 3627 or complete out online claim form.

What Is compensation?

Compensation, or "damages' as it is often called, is the term used to describe an award of money paid by one party to another for loss, pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by the negligence or breach of duty by the paying party.

In English law, compensation in personal injury claims attempts to, as far as possible, put the injured person back into the position they would have been had they not been a victim of personal injury.

Although very involved, damages can be broken down into two very distinct categories.

Types of compensation

  • General damages - this describes the compensation you recieve in a personal injury claim for the physcial injury you have suffered. It is legally defined as "pain, suffering and loss of amenity". The amount of general damages you recover from a compensation claim depends on the extent of your injury, how severe it is, and which part of your body is actually injured, as well as how long it takes you reach a full recovery, (a return to your "pre-accident state").

    In order for your injuries to be preoperly assessed, we will send you to a medical expert who has a specialism in dealing with the injury you are suffering from so that a report of the extent of your injuries can be compiled along with a prognosis.

    Your legal advisor needs to have the skill to be able to accuratley interpet any medical evidence to assess the level of damage you are likely to be eligible for so as to ensure you don't get anything less than that.

  • Special damages - this is more easily described as your "consequential loss". In other words , any financial loss caused or incurred by you as a direct result of you being involved in an accident.

    The most obvious category of special damages is wage loss. If you can't work as a result of your injury, your lost wages can be recovered from the other person.

    There are however many more categories of special damage. This includes assessing and calculating the possiblity of future loss (which you are also entitled to claim for) in more serious personal injury cases

    You need to make sure that your legal adviser is capable of assessing the impact the accident has had on your life to ensure you are fully reimbursed for any losses you have suffered

Why claim compensation?

You have a legal right to be put back in the position you would otherwise have been in, were it not for the actions of another causing you personal injury. Although money can never replace your health, compensation is the way in which English law can attempt to return you to the position you should have been in.

In order to seek an award of compensation you have to instruct a personal injury solicitor, and thats where we come in!

How to make a claim

We are dedicated to solving injury compensation claim queries. We operate on a 'no win, no fee' basis that ensures you don't have to pay any legal fees if you don't win your case. Call us free today on 0800 085 3627 or fill in our online claim form.