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Arm Injury Claims / Arm Injury Compensation

Any injury that is sustained to the area between your shoulder and your wrist is classed as an arm injury. Whilst doctors mentioning the arm are specifically referring to the upper arm, it is generally accepted that the term also refers to the forearm area. Given that the arm is made up of some of largest bones and muscles in the body, serious damage to the arm is often associated with a high impact injury.

Whilst many people are fortunate enough to make a full recovery from such trauma, some are not so lucky, and serious injury can often cause permanent loss of sensation, and/or movement. In worst-case scenarios, arms have to be amputated.

Common Causes of Arm Injuries

The most common cause of arm injuries is workplace accidents, many of which are due to employer negligence. Such incidents are often the result of health and safety procedures being ignored, or failure on the employer's part to ensure that members of staff receive appropriate training. Unfortunately, some employers are guilty of wilfully allowing employees to continue using faulty machinery that is in need of repair or replacing.

Other times an arm injury can be caused by the negligence of a colleague, whether it's leaving a piece of machinery running whilst not in use, failure to adequately assist you in carrying a heavy object or causing you to trip or slip because of a failure to maintain an acceptable level of tidiness. All manner of incidents can occur through negligence, leading to all types of arm injuries including cuts, fractures, nerve and tendon damage and even amputations.

Other common causes of arm injuries include road traffic accidents, slip/trip/fall incidences in public places and criminal activity. If you have suffered an arm injury because of someone else's negligence, then you are entitled to make an arm injury claim for compensation.

Typical Arm Injury Compensation Figures

The amount of compensation that you are entitled to, will be largely down to the extent of your injuries. The following guideline figures serve as estimates:

  • Fracture - up to £12,000
  • Injury with significant degree of recovery - up to £25,000
  • Injury resulting in disablement - up to £38,000
  • Severe injury, just falling short of amputation - up to £83,000
  • Loss of one arm - up to £89,000
  • Loss of both arms - up to £192,000

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