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Medical (Clinical) Negligence

Taking care of your needs

At Accident Injury Expert our team of clinical / medical negligence lawyers are waiting to take your call to provide you with free and no obligation advice in respect of any potential claim. Tragically, medical treatments and procedures can go wrong, affecting not just the patient but their loved ones too.

We understand the worry and pain that can occur if you have suffered a medical mishap by a heath care professional. Our team can advise on all aspects of your case, helping to alleviate any unnecessary stress.

Types of claims that we deal with?

  • General medical problems and mistakes
  • Surgery claims
  • Failed A & E treatment
  • Orthopedic injuries, including missed fractures and failed procedures
  • Birth injuries, including brain injuries and injuries to the Mother
  • Serious/catastrophic injury such as paraplegia and brain injuries
  • Cancer misdiagnosis and delay
  • Medical products failure, such as breast implants and failed hip replacements.
  • Incorrect prescription/medication
  • Dental claims
  • Cosmetic surgery claims

Who can you bring a claim against?

A claim for substandard or inadequate treatment can be brought against most types of heathcare professionals. Once the practitioner has been notified of the claim, it will often be passed to their professional insurers or professional body. Claims can be considered against a number of practitioners including:

  • GPs
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Consultants
  • Dentists
  • Physiotherapists and Chiropractors
  • Pharmacists
  • Private Hospitals
  • Elderly Care Homes

Some cases we have handled

  • £1.2 million for a man who was paralysed as a result of a failed procedure on his spine
  • £3 million for a child who was deprived of oxygen during birth and born with cerebral palsy
  • £150,000 for a man who suffered a missed wrist fracture
  • £20,000 for a lady who received improper treatment at A & E
  • £300,000 for a boy whose shoulder and neck were injured during the birth process due to substandard treatment by a midwife
  • £80,000 for a lady where a GP and hospital failed to diagnose colon cancer

Making a complaint

Before bringing a legal claim, it is important to complain to the medical practitioner or hospital. We can assist you with that process.

Not just compensation – Care, Equipment, loss of earnings, treatment and recovery

Litigation is often associated with the recovery of money for the injury or failure. However a crucial part of a clinical/medical negligence claim can often be to recover costs associated with the injury such as loss of earnings.

If you require continued treatment and medical assistance, where we secure an admission, we ensure that you receive advice from the leading medical experts and co-ordinate any recommended recovery and treatment plan.

In serious cases, we co-ordinate, with the assistance of medical case managers, treatment, physiotherapy, nursing care, accommodation and equipment needs.

Time periods

Generally, a person has three years from the date of injury/negligence to bring a claim. However, you may also bring a claim within three years from when you found out that someone provided sub-standard treatment. In a clinical negligence claim, sometimes it can take years to discover the effects of an error. At Accident Injury we will assist you to assess whether you can still bring a claim, even though it could be years since your original treatment.

No Win No Fee

All our claims are run on a no win no fee basis. We also help you ascertain whether you have any insurance policies to assist you with your claim. In some cases, you may be eligible for legal aid (which does not apply in many cases). If you are eligible we will recommend a specialist legal aid lawyer for you.

Hospital and Home visits

If, as a result of a medical condition or injury, you are not able to visit one of our 11 offices, we will happily arrange to see you at home or at hospital. Your recovery is extremely important to us and in many cases we can liaise with a family relative until such time as you leave hospital and settle back at home.

Understanding and compassion

We understand how difficult it can be to consider a claim against a healthcare professional. Many patients who are victims of substandard treatment often feel let down and angry.

Let Accident Injury Expert take away the pain of your clinical / medical negligence claim.