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Asbestos Claims

Our asbestos claims team

By choosing Accident Injury Expert every client is promised that their case will be dealt with by a senior lawyer who is an expert in asbestos work. We take pride in the results we achieve for our clients.

Britain's industrial legacy

One regrettable legacy of Britain’s industrial heritage is the tragedy of asbestos lung disease which affects workers exposed to asbestos from the 1940s to the 1990s. Thousands of new cases of asbestos disease are diagnosed each year in the UK.

However, asbestos disease is not restricted to industrial workers. Accident Injury Expert have dealt with claims for school teachers, caretakers, firemen, engineers, surveyors, and wives who have washed their husband’s overalls.

At Accident Injury Expert we have an expert team of lawyers who act for asbestos victims throughout the UK. and throughout the world.

Asbestos conditions

There are a number of asbestos conditions:-

  • Mesothelioma. This is a fatal cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.
  • Lung cancer. There are a number of causes of lung cancer, including smoking and exposure to asbestos dust. Where asbestosis is present, or where there has been exposure to substantive levels of asbestos, a civil claim may be successful. The condition is often fatal although occasionally operable if caught early.
  • Asbestosis. This is fibrosis of the lungs caused by exposure to substantial amounts of asbestos dust. It is usually a progressive disease and in severe cases can be fatal.
  • Asbestos pleural thickening. This is thickening of the lining of the lungs caused by exposure to asbestos dust. The condition reduces the elasticity of the lung and causes breathlessness. It can be a progressive disease.
  • Asbestos pleural effusions. This is fluid on the lung caused by exposure to asbestos dust. A common feature of pleural effusions is the finding of pleural thickening once the effusion has been drained. This can also be associated with a diagnosis of mesothelioma.
  • Pleural plaques. These are deposits of asbestos on the lungs, but they do not cause symptoms or breathlessness. For this reason damages are not payable for this condition.

Interim payments of £55,000.00

In serious asbestos claims we endeavour to obtain an interim payment of £55,000.00 under the fast track procedure wherever possible. Early payment of £55,000.00 assists our clients at what is a very difficult time for them.

Speed of settlements

For the serious asbestos disease cases we are often successful in obtaining settlements within six months of instruction.

A sympathetic and caring approach

Our experience has made us understand and empathise with the difficulties our clients face. We are there every step of the way for you.

Our cases

Our lawyers have recovered tens of millions of pounds in damages for asbestos victims. A small selection of settlements obtained by our lawyers include: -

  • £300,000.00 recovered on behalf of a 65 year old mesothelioma sufferer who had worked at Cape Asbestos
  • £250,000.00 recovered on behalf of a 65 year old shipyard worker at Swan Hunter
  • £250,000.00 recovered for a 63 year old employed as a joiner.
  • £150,000.00 recovered for a 68 year old British ex patriot now living in Australia, exposed to asbestos in the Scottish Shipyards in the 1960s
  • £200,000.00 recovered for a 68 year old plumber employed within the Prison Service

Companies that we have brought claims against

  • British Rail
  • CEGB
  • Babcock & Wilcox
  • Ellis (Kensington)
  • Haden Young
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Department of the Environment
  • Prison Service
  • Education Authorities
  • Cape Asbestos
  • Cape Universal
  • Hospital Trusts
  • Swan Hunter
  • C A Parsons
  • NEI Parsons
  • ICI
  • British Steel
  • Eldridge & Cruttenden
  • Kitson Insulation
  • J Schofields
  • Siley Cox
  • Associated Electrical Engineering
  • National Coal Board

And many more...

Time periods

There are time periods to have court proceedings commenced in an asbestos disease case. The time period is usually three years from the date of diagnosis of the asbestos related condition, although sometimes this may not apply. The law on time periods is complicated and for this reason we advise you to take advice from a specialist Solicitor as soon as possible if you are considering making a claim.

Government benefits

Asbestos disease sufferers are entitled to make claims for various Government benefits. Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit is paid to asbestos disease sufferers at a rate depending on the level of disability and it is usually paid fortnightly. Once Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit is awarded then claimants are often entitled to a payment under the 1979 Pneumoconiosis Workmens Act – this is an act which provides for lump sum payments to workers who are exposed to asbestos at a company which is now defunct.

Other benefits may be payable in the more serious conditions such as mobility allowance and carers allowance.

At Accident Injury Expert we assist our clients with applications for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit and 1979 Act payments in appropriate cases.

No win no fee

We act under a no win no fee agreement and we never take one penny out of client’s damages.

Home visits

We always visit our clients in the comfort of their home to take a full witness statement from them at the beginning of the case.

Support agencies

Wherever appropriate we can put our client’s in touch with local support organisations which can assist through the course of the illness. As a firm we are committed to assisting asbestos victims and have made a number of donations to charities and medical organisations who work in this area for the benefit of asbestos sufferers.

Whether making a claim for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, you can be confident that we will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

For further information without any obligation to go any further call us free on 0800 085 3627, or fill in our online claim form and let us know when it would be best to get back to you.